An Open Letter to the Occupy Wall Street Activists, by JohnPaul Montano (Nishnaabe)

Photo: Native News Network

We were surprised to find that this post, written just one week after the start of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), hardly made round on the internet. Please consider reading it in full, commenting and re-posting widely–it is his voices that OWS’s white leadership needs to answer to.

“Hoping and believing that you enlightened folks fighting for justice and equality and an end to imperialism, etc., etc., would make mention of the fact that the very land upon which you are protesting does not belong to you – that you are guests upon that stolen indigenous land. I had hoped mention would be made of the indigenous nation whose land that is. I had hoped that you would address the centuries-long history that we indigenous peoples of this continent have endured being subject to the countless ‘-isms’ of do-gooders claiming to be building a “more just society,” a “better world,” a “land of freedom” on top of our indigenous societies, on our indigenous lands, while destroying and/or ignoring our ways of life. I had hoped that you would acknowledge that, since you are settlers on indigenous land, you need and want our indigenous consent to your building anything on our land – never mind an entire society.

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5 responses to “An Open Letter to the Occupy Wall Street Activists, by JohnPaul Montano (Nishnaabe)

  1. Danielle DiGirolamo

    The occupy wall st movement is in no way oppressing people of color. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. To me this blog sounds more like the writer is segregating black & white people away from eachother. Everyone who is at occupy wall st including myself welcome and encourage everyone of all races and religions to join and support. This movement is going on everywhere in the US and all over the world starting with Egypt. I’ve meet people at occupy wall st who are fighting for your exact cause but not in a discriminating or segregated way but threw educating people on the oppression people of color face in this country everyday. and occupy welcomes them and supports what they stand for because we are all CITIZENS OF THIS EARTH and we all belong here and we all deserve the same equel rights and respect, Justice, and peace. We shouldn’t be segregating each other and you shouldn’t be mad at every white person because of what happens in history because things have changed, People have changed. There are black and white people in my family and also other ethnicities and we see no difference in who we are as people based on that. Before you blog bad things about a group of people that you thing believe one thing without checking the facts and learning what they are about and judging them based on what the media wants people to thing why dont you go there and see what they are all about. And the reason we do the human microphone is because the cops wont let us use any type of loud speaker or micrphones so everyone can hear what people have to say, so we repeat after them so the whole crowed of over a thousand people can hear what that one person has to say. just because we repeat after someone does not mean that we are accepting what they say tho so very many people had amazing and powerful things to say its an open assembly so everyone has a right to say what they want and i have heard a few people ( who i believe were not there for the same reasons as the rest of us but was sent there to stur up trouble) say some offensive or radical statements and people would stop repeating after them in the middle of what they were saying. We are all in this together WE ARE THE 99%

    • rachel

      whoa, please learn your history and the ways in which you are part of its continuation, even in your refusal to listen to others rather than thinking you have all the answers, and then you might have a chance at learning true respect of others and THEN you might have a chance at being part of a real social movement that addresses this centuries long struggle.

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