The General Assembly and Grassroots Democracy, by UnpermittedLA


Victor’s post on his experience at OLosA is one of our most popular reads here. He sent us a link to blog which provides more analysis, explains why it’s important to stay critical, and has a lot of great ideas for moving forward:

My intent here isn’t to be a cynic.  There are a lot of amazing things happening in the Occupy LA organizing space, and as stated above I believe it has the potential to explode into something historic, if it isn’t already.  However, there are a lot of problems which are already turning people off and preventing us to move forward and be everything that we can be.  This critique is meant to identify these problems.  Where I refer to “leaders,” I truly do not refer to individuals, but to the very concept of leadership as it is existing in effect.  I believe that if all of the current leaders were replaced with new people without changing the structures in place, there would be no noticeable changes.  Criticism is necessary for movements, and this criticism is meant to be constructive.  I know that not everyone will respond productively or take these issues seriously, but ignoring serious concerns or responding with personal attacks will hurt the movement rather than defend it.

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One response to “The General Assembly and Grassroots Democracy, by UnpermittedLA

  1. Jackie

    I’m astounded by how similar the problems described by UnpermittedLA are to the ones we’re seeing in Occupy Portland. This seems to confirm that it’s not just the individuals involved, but something about the structures or concepts of leadership, or maybe the conditioning of this generation of activists (many of whom it seems were not politically active before OWS).

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