Open Letter to The ‘Occupy’ Movement: The Decolonization Proposal

From the accompanying text of the YouTube video:

Open Letter to the Occupy Movement:

This movement has the potential to evolve into something beautiful, something that takes into account the issues affecting all of us—not just the white, college educated members of the 99%.

If you try to hinder this growth because you claim it will destroy the movement, you will only be left behind while a more radical autonomous platform is built. The new platform will center the experiences of people of color, of women, of other groups that have been marginalized by a white majority.

We are not asking for permission to rename the movement anymore. The movement—the wave of empowerment that people are waking up to internationally—does not belong to you. It was around before the occupy movement and it will be around long after it leaves us. Resistance is only truly sustainable if it holds sacred the struggles of the most oppressed and we will call our movements, our resistance, our struggle, whatever we want.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this film and reflecting on what role you wish to play in making movements truly liberating.

In Solidarity,


A note on the footage: this is not an extensive video of the GA, as I was late and did not film everything. there were many white people who spoke in favor of the proposal (I included the one I filmed) and there were a few people of color who spoke against it. The majority of people present at what appeared to be a majority people of color GA voted in favor (68.5 percent) of changing the name to Decolonize Oakland.

As the video shows, the proposal did not pass, however.



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2 responses to “Open Letter to The ‘Occupy’ Movement: The Decolonization Proposal

  1. rebecca

    hey, was just reading your (amazing) site and came across this. I posted the film. Thanks for including it here 🙂

  2. Kate Jensen

    Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. My spirit is aflame with solidarity and unity and I am so heartened to know that as real and raw of a conversation this was, it is finally REALLY happening! May we continue to kill off all of our personal and collective disillusions and constructs that we may rise like a fire through our ashes into the night to light up the world with truth and light.

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