A blog that seeks to destabilize the rampant white supremacy and other systems of domination that have manifested themselves in the Occupy movement. Please consider sending an entry. Any questions or comments: disoccupy@gmail.com



5 responses to “About

  1. David

    why not do both (occupy and decolonize)? why use the language of critique to divide and conquer nascent experiments in political imagination?

  2. D.A

    These “nasent experiments in political imagination” are already divided and conquering. Bringing up the hegemonic aspects of these expressions in critique is an amazingly good thing and allows for the possibility of their transformation into more productive forms. Trying to silence this critique under some pseudo idea of unity is bullshit. Disoccupy is one of the best things I’ve seen come out of this. I’m so so glad and thankful for the work and energy people are investing.

  3. write on!

  4. MLuisa

    I recommend you check this out: hiphopoccupies.com and tell me what you think of creative resistance to rise and decolonize to reclaim spaces?

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