Statement from DeColonize LA, by DeColonize LA

A statement was posted by DeColonize LA yesterday on the UnpermittedLA blog questioning through their shared experiences the ‘leaderless’ claims of Occupy LA and how it has actually functioned to marginalize the more disenfranchised sectors of the 99%. The breaking point came when a flier with names and photos of activists was circulated accusing them of seeking to ‘hijack’ the movement and provoke police. At this juncture, DeColonize LA is shifting focus to form popular assemblies throughout the city instead.

We made several attempts to present proposals, workshops, and discussions at the General Assembly, in small groups, and in one-on-one conversations. Although the overall Occupation movement nationally aspires to use participatory democracy and the consensus process to be inclusive of the people, the efforts by the leadership to maintain informal control have prevented discussion or recognition of patriarchy, white supremacy, classism, heteronormativity, and other layers of oppression that exist in the broader society, which continue to be perpetuated within this “occupation.” Women of color in particular have been silenced. Many of us are tired of futilely trying to explain to middle class white activists that they really aren’t experiencing the same levels of oppression as people of color or the working class or underclass. The constant rhetoric of the “99%” and calls for blind “unity” have the effect of hiding inequalities and very real systems of oppression that exist beyond the “1%-99%” dichotomy and rendering invisible the struggles of a majority of the people in this city.

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4 responses to “Statement from DeColonize LA, by DeColonize LA

  1. What are you planning to do? Just asking because this is interesting…

  2. bianca estrada

    thank you for speaking on our behalf.

  3. A.G.C.

    how has no one left a reply to this? de-colonize LA is right on. What we have is a very confused mass of people who for the most part do not understand their own role in perpetuating a lot of the problems they are supposed to be crying out about. In order for this movement to be successful people need to be educated in terms of global and local power relations, as well as their own positionality within the system, and this is simply not where humanity is right now…and it will never be, until universities are not controlled by private interest groups that benefit from ignorance

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